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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I'm Still Alive

Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of updates recently, I'm in the process of relocating 'oop' North back to the motherland so in the interest of getting my arse in gear and finding a new job I packed away all my mini's so I have the minimum of distractions. Don't worry my blog will resurface at some point soon as I don' t think I'll be able to resist the call of the lead.

Incoming blatant self promotion:
In the meanwhile I dug out some of my old drawings and jazzed them up and have made them available for sale through Society6 as an experiment to see if it's actually possible to make any money doodling. So far I only have two drawings up on the site and a few photo's that you can purchase as a framed print, Ipod cover, T-shirt, Hoodie and many other formats. If anyone's actually interested I can probably fire up the Golden Gobbo design that I did as a shirt or art print, let me know in the comments and I'll get it sorted.

Have a look at the link if anything takes your fancy there's free worldwide shipping until Sunday.

Smile T-shirtWatching Framed Art PrintSmile Framed Art Print


  1. We were just talking about you on the forum and, almost on cue, you appear. I think that a golden gobbo t-shirt is a must! How do you feel about using your drawing as a concept for a mini?

    1. My ears were burning :) I'll get the Golden Gobbo shirt sorted out this week and if you could fire some people towards my store that would be great when it's up there as I'm a little out of touch with the oldhammer community.
      I'd love for the Golden Gobbo to be a mini it would be awesome to see it realized in the third dimension so if you have a sculptor in mind I say go for it.