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Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Inspired by Fighting Fantasists post
Her's my blog as an 80's fanzine:
I've tweaked the rules slightly as my last few blog posts looked boring as article titles in my fanzine as they were all mostly Zombie, Zombies or other variations, doing this has also made me realize that I need to header my blog posts a little more creatively and limit my use of ZOMBIES as a title.
The image I used is one of my drawings from an old sketch book that I think looks like it fits in with the fanzine theme, if anyone's interested I can post up some more of my drawings.

I finished these three Grenadier Ghosts that I snapped up on Ebay for 99p, I thought that if I went with a  John Carpenters 'Thing' colour scheme they could fit in with a post apocalyptic zombie setting as kind of failed experiments or animated biological matter. The photo's have made them all look a little too similar on the colour front in reality they're all tonally different and are supposed to be representative of (from left to right) skin, blood and organs. 

Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Horde Rises

Just finished the first Zombie for my modern zombie horde, I think this is the smallest model I've ever painted and was a little fiddly but in the end I think he turned out ok.  

Here's a shot of the growing horde and the post apoc type survivors, its a mix of loads of different manufacturers, Foundry, Lead Adventures etc, all told I've got around 70 odd zombies now I just need to paint some of them up and I should have a decent set up for some Zombie gaming.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Just finished a couple more Zombies, more of the citadel C-series, I'm trying to keep the clothes on these guys time period neutral so that they can be used for modern day or fantasy. As I've recently purchased the 2 Hour Wargames All Things Zombie ruleset that I'm trying to get my head round at the moment I'm aiming to gather up a Zombie Horde for future post apocalyptic gaming.

Here's the new paint jobs:

It was mine and my dad's Birthday at the weekend so spent most of the weekend back up north in Cumbria with the family. My brother got me some awesome mini's (Cheers!) three of them being Hell Dorando figures, a range I've never owed any figures from but from the quality of the sculpts I'll be getting more, wallet permitting.

The top three are, Jinx (a Zombie baby), Foulques the Black (hunchback fella) and Wormpile, (a massive pile of worms), the bottom one is 'The Old Death' from Enigma Miniatures. I think I might give him a fancy base but I'm not sure what yet but I can envision some kind of pillar of souls/skulls?

Also as it was my Birthday I've spanked a ton of money on some min's to add to the lead pile from various places that should turn up over the next couple of days, I've got enough fantasy so I decided to go for post apocalyptic and zombies for a change. I've got an order through for some Foundry street Violence stuff, Copplestone future wars, RAFM zombies, Alpha Forge Zombies and some Forlorn Hope figures that all should hopefully turn up this week and take their place on the lead mound.

Sunday, 1 April 2012


I've just finished a couple of zombies and an old citadel pre-slotta goblin. As always you can click on the pics for a bigger view.
I think I've got zombie flesh down now, lots of different washes then highlighted with rotting flesh then a bit of white, I'll probably post up a guide if anyone's interested. Also I've discovered the wonders of Tamiya Clear Red for blood on the advice of Zabadaks Zombie Works blog ( anyone interested in doing blood should try it out as you can see on the third picture down you can let the stuff half dry and form strings of blood like on the zombies cleaver and its dries to a super high gloss so looks pretty good IMHO

Here's the pics:

 Heresy half zombie
 Ghoul child again from Heresy
  Heresy zombie again, check out the strings on the cleaver, I'm so glad they worked out
 Heresy Zombie again
 Different view of the half zombie again

Pre slotta Citadel Goblin I think he might be part of this set:
He looks a lot like this guy
Should have some more Zombies finished up this week so expect some more during the week.