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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I'm still here!

Sorry about the lack of updates for the best part of a month, real life and all that.

Recently I had the pleasure of hosting my fellow blogger and actual real life friend Phil of Monsters and Machines blog fame ( for a game of SOBAH - Fear and Faith (Battle report up on his blog). The weeks leading up to Phil's visit were spent franticly trying to put together some kind of tabletop and pulling together all the random bits of terrain I have secreted in various boxes.

Here's what I managed to put together:


It wasn't quite finished in time for the game in that the two buildings in the top right of the pic along with the two white buildings aren't fully painted and weathered.
I won't post up the full battle report as you can pop over to Phil's blog for the full report, I'll just post up some pics he took during the game and try and breakdown the separate elements that made up the board. To start with the gaming table is made from two large framed canvases bought from Hobbycraft when they had a buy one get one free offer going. Both canvases were undecoated in black craft paint and then 'highlighted' using a sponge with various shades of grey and brown paint. The roads and warehouse carpark were a quick fix made from self adhesive floor-tiles chopped up into road sections, in future I'd like to make something a little more 3D but in a pinch they work pretty well.


Shot of the small waste ground behind the warehouse. The fences are home made from cocktails sticks and wire mesh. The caravan came from Wilkinsons as part of this set: 
The junk is a mix of Black Cat bases and Pardulon resin items:


I'll put together a proper review of the warehouse a t a latter date with a list of the modifications I made/
The pallets came from ebay:

The cardboard boxes on the left of the shot are small wooden cubes (again from ebay) that I added to with a black pen and a little brown wash.



Ainsty Skip:


Showing off my photoshop skills :-)





I'm really happy how this all turned out all the small elements really came together and much fun was had. 
If there's anything that catches your eye in the pics above drop me a message and I'll let you know where you can get it or how you can make it. After madly rushing to get all this sorted out in the build up to the game I've kind of burned out on the post apoc / zombie side of things so have dove back into the pile of fantasy mini's. With making progress and actually painting some mini's in mind I've decided to bulk base and undercoat everything that is currently in my draws that way I can dip into the draws and anything I pull out should technically be ready to go. I'm also aiming to go cold turkey on the ebay and purchase front so I can actually catch up. So far this is where I've got to, I've ran out of 30mm bases and 50mm bases but hopefully 200 30mm bases should be waiting at home for the next round.