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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Modular Dungeon / Sewer section almost finished

Nearly done with the first sewer section, I finished off the wall sections that needed doing and slapped some of the stuff I use for my basing over the gaps (brown paint, PVA glue, sand, grit etc).




After all this was dry I painted up everything, and i'm nearly ready to start the next section's:










I'm just waiting for the varnish to dry now then I've got a little bit if touching up to do and a few bits and pieces to create so it all should be finished very soon and I can crack on with the rest.
If there's anything you need to know about give me a shout in the comments.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Crazy idea / Modular sewers/dungeons test piece

In my never ending quest to never paint all my miniatures I had a crazy idea the other day for a modular dungeon system that is easy to store and should hopefully be easy and cheap to make. The crazy idea was to take a normal box file and create a small section of terrain that would hopefully sit next to other future sections and would be easy to rearrange.

Here's the box file as is at purchase:


I started by removing the paper holder at the bottom and sketched in roughly where I wanted the sewer channel to go and any doors to be and the rough layout of any walls.


This was supposed to be a step by step but I completely missed out most of the steps after this one. I'll try and explain the processes in any future updates and if anyone is not sure of anything just give me a shout.

Here's the box'o'dungeons as it stands at the moment:


The paving is hand drawn onto sections of polystyrene pizza base and then PVA glued over chunks of polystyrene to build up the height. 


It still needs a some work sorting out the gaps and joins between sections and I still have a little more cobbling to finish off.



Once I've finished all the stone work I'll have a look at creating some water effects for the sewer channels and some wooden plank walkways/bridges for access to the different levels. I'm still in two minds whether or not to cut holes in the ends of the box so that they match up with future boxes or to leave them as self contained boxes?
The end of each sewer channel could end in metal bars and each section could be accessed by doors to keep each box self contained that way I don't end up losing the structural integrity of the box? Let me know what you think in the comments.


Friday, 14 June 2013

New paint jobs and a blog shout out

Hi everyone, I've managed to slap a little paint on some figures this week, and made a little progress on the Mega mini's goblins that I purchased a while back after I heard they were closing down their shop. I would link to them but it looks like Mega mini's has taken them down and sold the molds onto Midlam miniatures: so hopefully they should appear for sale very soon.


Here they all are based up and their flesh base coated along with a Mega mini's Wretch that looks like is still available from Mega miniatures.

So far I've only finished one of the group, mainly as a tester for the rest of the group:



I've tried to go for a more 'earthy' yellowy green on the flesh hopefully to distinguish them from the orcs that I  painted many moons ago. The 'string' on the bow is a tiny piece of wire that drove me insane trying to wind around the bow. The red nose on the ears, nose, knees and elbows is just a mix of watered down pink paint and red glaze.

That's it on the painted front for now, I'll end this update with a shout out to my newest follower Don Hans and his amazing Realm of Citadel blog (

Check out his amazing old school mini's and his equally amazing paint jobs very 'Blanche-esque', and the bases are something I might try and steal for my chaos mini's, look at them, how amazing is the zebra Minotaur! GO now and have a look at his other awesome mini's GO and don't come back until your peepers are fat with beautiful eye-candy!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

All Your Base are Belong to Us

Howdy everyone, sorry for the slow amount of updates recently but I've not really had much in the way of updates to show off. I recently sort of completed my attempt to undercoat and base everything I own ready for paint slappage but ran out of space about three quarters of the way through so there are still a fair few mini's languishing in drawers.


Hopefully now I can pick up anyone of a ton of mini's and just crack on with painting something, which is what I did:

From left to right:
Citadel C34 Fire Elemental, Dreamblade Gutsoup Golem, Dreamblade Hulking Brute, Grenadier Copplestone Barbarian, Grenadier Ghost and finally dungeons and Dragons plastic mini with a little conversion work.

I love these Citadel elemental's that were released in the early eighties and would love to own the whole set but sadly I'm not the only one and they always seem to go for a little outside my price range on the old ebay, I only managed to get hold of this one as it was included in a bulk lot and didn't even appear in the ebay picture.

Next up we have the Gutsoup Golem from Dreamblade, really simple paint job that was mostly achieved with washes, glazes and thinned down paint finished off with a healthy dose of tamiya red and clear for that wet look. If you're in need of some crazy monsters check out the Dreamblade range as they always seem to pop up on ebay for cheap and paint up really well.


Another Dreamblade figure this time a Hulking Brute, I'm not to sure on this guy I think he needs some kind of tattoos or scarification to break up all the flesh.


Grenadier Copplestone Barbarian, really simple paint job and a ton of Tamiya clear red. You can still get this guy from EM4:


I think this guy is a dungeon and dragons pre pained mini, He originally had a small hook like weapon that due to the bendy nature of the plastic that these figures are made of was completely ruined. I removed the hook and drilled through the hand and added the cocktail stick and wire club.


Grenadier Ghost, insanely quick paint job I just fired some watered down blue over the grey base coat added some fluorescent yellow to the face and left it at that.