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Monday, 30 January 2012


Just a quick update, no pictures until later as I'm currently posting this on my lunch break at work

A ton of cheap stuff on it's way from the bay of E:
Pic I knocked up in photoshop (The clone stamp tool is your friend)

I've also been attempting to make a cheap modular gaming table using cork notice boards from the pound shop. I created a tester with a small A4ish £0.99p board that came out really well that I'll probably use for taking fancier photo's. I thought taking it to the next level and splashing out on a £3.99 cork board would involve the same principles and turn out the same but it seems that the bigger boards are immune to PVA glue so all my flock is falling off and it's looking more balding than I do...
I'm going to try and give it a new coat this evening and hopefully it'll take this time, fingers crossed and I'll post some pics of the results when I can

Friday, 27 January 2012

Goblinoids and other random figures

On a roll today, double post

Just finished these guys yesterday:

I think they're either 15mm goblins or 25mm kobolds either way I'm going to use them as small goblinoids of some description for small skirmishes.
I'm hoping to build up a reserve of various miniatures for use in the Skulldred game ( that's currently being developed:

"Skulldred is the fast paced, maths free miniatures skirmish game from BeDerken games. Designed from the ground up to be maths free- you never need to keep numbers in your head or consult a table or army list. Field anything your twisted imagination can muster from any miniature ranges you like!"

Check out the Skulldred forum where you can get hold of the PDF version of the earlier rules and if you haven't already the creater's retro mini  blog (
I've not really had a chance to peruse through the rules yet but just the idea of an any miniature you fancy system ticks all my boxes and means that I have a use for all the random purchases I've made in the past.
The long plan is to put together a small 'hero' warband for the wife and we play against each other with me as the sort of DM controlling the various none hero's. The remit's for creating my wife's warband is that they be mostly female miniatures but "not women with their tits hanging out", so far I've had a look round and Reaper seem to do a decent range of both tits in and tits out minis so I'll probably be heading there on pay-day.

Enough rambling more pics:

Not sure what these are but they look sort of like skinned ghouls so I tried to make them look fleshy
Next up is this fantastic Vilespawn from Gribbly Miniatures, check out the website for some amazingly disgusting resin things. I can't seem to get a descent photo of this figure, it's either to bright and washed out or dark and out of focus, I might try again tomorrow in day light.
 Here's a shot for scale purposes

And here's a shot of my pending/painted display area

Anyway off to bed for me


Finally got the camera sorted so I snapped a few shots of some old school chaos warriors that I've painted up, still need a shield for one of them but otherwise finished:

Here's all the random metal that I've rescued and purchased of ebay recently:
I love the were-bear(?) in the middle it's kind of rubbish but in a charming sort of way
I think I'm going to tackle these guys next, these were the first two mini's that I purchased with my own money back in the early 90's when I was around 10 or 11. I've no idea who made them but for some reason my brain is telling me that they're called Bill and Ben and that was probably what was printed on the blister pack? Some old goblins a black orc a barbarian, some chaos looking warriors and a weird mouse faced thing (left pic far right)
I love the early citadel zombies (C series I think) I'm trying to get hold of a whole set and a toad familiar thought he would fit in with my Nurgle chaos swamp based army.

Again some random mini's, I think mostly Grenadier. I love the fact the Beholder looks a lot like a one eyed fozzy bear
Other stuff that needs looking at: early citadel orcs, a Balrog, cat warrior and Just recieved from Ebay one of these guys for 99p
Not sure what I'm going to use it for but I'm sure it can be shoe-horned into a Chaos army/warband
Anyway that's all for today, I haven't even scratched the surface of what I have that needs painting, I have a huge amount of the first edition Skaven in a box under the couch that are calling out to be painted but I don't really want to look as I may begin to cry.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

FIRST FOLLOWER and some plague bearers

HURRAH I have one follower, the system works :)

I apologise in advance if the images in my blog randomly change sizes, I'm still getting the hang of this and have a habit of forgetting to resize images.

Here's a couple of Plague Bearers that I finished a couple of weeks ago.
I love the first eddition Kev Adams plague bearers they have a ton of charm, I think they went a little too 'chunky' and not plaguey enough by second edition, I think they've saved it with the new 3rd edition mini's. The one on the right below was fantastic to paint if not a little fiddly.

Monday, 23 January 2012


I thought I better start logging what I'm actually purchasing so I can hopefully keep on top of it and not loose things to storage.

Just recieved this fella in the post today, he's been a want of mine for a long time ever since I saw him in my friends older brothers room when I was around 11.
I love the instructions that came with the figure:
"Congratulations you have obtained a miniature representation of the mighty Cthulhu himself. Your heirs will probably never know what became of you but they will find this monstrous artifact amoung your pitiful remains."


Hello everyone or at the moment no one :)

I thought I'd put this blog together to try and track my progress getting back into painting and collecting various mini's as I've been away from the hobby for some time (for some reason). At the moment I seem to be going down a chaos/skaven route and mostly re-painting old figures that I've rescued from my parents garage and sort of trying to put together a Nurgle based army but failing as I have a tendency to buy figures based on how they look rather than what the rules dictate, for example I have a huge Nurlgling regiment that I'm sure is un-fieldable.

Anyway I hope this blog helps track my descent into financial ruin and my eventual disappearance under a pile of lead and plastic, anyway it was put better in this amazing blog ( that you should check out:

"These are the voyages of a man going into full geek remission"