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Saturday, 2 August 2014


Hello everyone I'm back, I am actually still alive and able to paint. Sorry for the huge absence, last year was fairly shitty and since then I've completely re-launched my life, new job and new home at the other end of the country, I'm now based in sunny Newcastle. I haven't done a huge amount of painting so far so it won't be a glorious return with hundreds of painted mini's but I do have a few to show off so I'll get cracking:

I think this is a Ral Partha Wraith of some description, I went for a green ghostly scheme this time mostly using the Vallejo fluorescent paints

I've no idea who manufactured this fella but he's a great little knight, he came as part of a large lot of random ebay wins a long time ago. If it helps anyone identify him he came with his mace as a separate weapon.

Great old Citadel knight, I went for a different approach on the white jerkin, watered down sky blue over the base white.

Second old Citadel knight, I've tried to give him a glowing sword but I'm not really sure how it's turned out I think it needs more white highlighting.

A third Citadel Knight, and below here he is in the middle of the top row.

Here's a little solid base Gnome or Dwarf assassin that I can't seem to find on the stuff of legends site but I know he's there somewhere.
Lastly on the painted front is my Blood Bowl Team, that I'm putting together for a mini League me my brother and a couple of other people are trying to start up. I've gone for the classic old school Orcs and I have a couple of plastic Black Orcs waiting a coat of paint to add to the team

I've also decided to make my own 3D dugout for the team, it still needs a ton of detailing, Orcish shields little stretchers etc but it's getting there.

40k Orc Painboy drafted in as my team Apothecary

On the great find front I picked this up from the reduced section in TK maxx I think it's supposed to hold spices and other kitchen items but works perfectly for mini's. The section on the right hand side slides underneath the main section perfectly and should paint up quite nice as a display stand.

Anyway that's enough for my first post in over a year, I've got to pace myself. Give me a shout if you have any questions.