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Monday, 5 March 2012


I've finally finished a few of my skeletons. I've also made it my mission to undercoat and base all of my figures that way I can just pick up and paint anything without having to worry about waiting for bases to dry etc. Pretty much for the last few weeks all I've done is undercoat and mix sand with PVA glue but now 90% is sorted I can dip in and start painting without the boring bit.

 I've still got a ton of Skellies to paint but thought I'd have a break from painting bones start on some gnomes.
I was going to post up pictures of everything I have yet to paint but the camera I'm using seem to think any batteries I put in it are dead even brand new ones so I could only snap the following:


 I'll try and get a full photo log of everything up at some point this week as I know everyone loves looking at pics of mini's

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