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Thursday, 23 February 2012


Just a quick post, if you need any huge skulls for scenery get down to your newsagent or tesco's and grab a copy of this:

Its one of those magazines where the first issue is dirt cheap whereas any subsequent issue is nearly £6 but for only 99p for the first issue you can't go wrong with a massive skull. It's missing the top of its skull but whack on a tiled roof instead, fire some windows in the eyes and BAM! necromancers house. You're welcome


  1. Read this and just *had* to get one on my lunch break today. Thanks for posting this!

    I think I'm going to use mine as a pirate lair, carved out of a rock. An interesting project!


  2. No worries, I'd love to have the whole skeleton but I imagine it would end up costing more than an actual human Skeleton...

  3. Thanks for the notification. 99p is certainly a very good deal for s skull. Next week's issue is only £3 so I'm tempted to get the eyes, brain and cranium too. I am planning a crazy Realm of Chaos still scenery piece with mine!

  4. Skulltastic!

    I picked up a couple of these which will no doubt sit in the loft for years until I chuck them out!

    I've just started a blog to try and motivate me to make a dent in my huge lead pile, a link exchange would be cool.