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Friday, 3 February 2012

New painted Mini's

Three more mini's finished (Huzzah!) Two unidentified ogres and a Grendadier Ghost

Out of the three I'm happiest with the Ghost as it took no time at all to paint and I think the results are pretty good whereas the 'ogres' seemed to take forever and I seemed to be forever missing areas.
I've also decided to go for 30mm lipped bases from now on as it gives everything a display feel which is nice and the lip makes fitting in solid based mini's a little easier.
Here's a picture of the £0.99 notice board display mat that I mentioned in my last post along with a couple of small scenery pieces I threw together, tomorrow I'm attempting to repair the bigger board that I started last week in the hope that I can de-bald it and possibly use it as the first part of segmented gaming table. Another great find this week was a huge container of 'Home Decor' Decorative stones for £0.50p from a shop in town that's going out of business, it's pretty much fancy railway ballast but at a fraction of the cost so happy days, I may go back and stock up...
Also this week I received my first order from Heresy Miniatures ( this week which came amazingly fast and also included a free drumstick lolly :).
They've got a random zombie offer on at the moment, £1.00 a zombie so I got 5 and a load of 30mm lipped bases (you can never have too many zombies)
Really good looking mini's but very very skinny which will make de-mold lining a challenge but for £1.00 I shouldn't really complain and they seem more realistic compared to certain other companies hyper-cephalic gorilla handed sculpts. Two of them are also stark naked and heresy haven't shy'd away from making them anatomically correct so some time soon I'll be painting tiny zombie cock and balls.
Here's a size comparison shot with an old Citadel Zombie for reference:
There's a Newbury and Reading wargames Society bash on next week that I'll be heading too searching for a bargain that hopefully should be interesting: 

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  1. I fully love the Zombie cock and balls.

    PS Came here in a goggle images search for a pub sign of Cock and Balls.

    Alas I could not find one. Oh well. It was for this post.