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Monday, 30 January 2012


Just a quick update, no pictures until later as I'm currently posting this on my lunch break at work

A ton of cheap stuff on it's way from the bay of E:
Pic I knocked up in photoshop (The clone stamp tool is your friend)

I've also been attempting to make a cheap modular gaming table using cork notice boards from the pound shop. I created a tester with a small A4ish £0.99p board that came out really well that I'll probably use for taking fancier photo's. I thought taking it to the next level and splashing out on a £3.99 cork board would involve the same principles and turn out the same but it seems that the bigger boards are immune to PVA glue so all my flock is falling off and it's looking more balding than I do...
I'm going to try and give it a new coat this evening and hopefully it'll take this time, fingers crossed and I'll post some pics of the results when I can

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