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Monday, 23 January 2012


Hello everyone or at the moment no one :)

I thought I'd put this blog together to try and track my progress getting back into painting and collecting various mini's as I've been away from the hobby for some time (for some reason). At the moment I seem to be going down a chaos/skaven route and mostly re-painting old figures that I've rescued from my parents garage and sort of trying to put together a Nurgle based army but failing as I have a tendency to buy figures based on how they look rather than what the rules dictate, for example I have a huge Nurlgling regiment that I'm sure is un-fieldable.

Anyway I hope this blog helps track my descent into financial ruin and my eventual disappearance under a pile of lead and plastic, anyway it was put better in this amazing blog ( that you should check out:

"These are the voyages of a man going into full geek remission"

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