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Friday, 27 January 2012

Goblinoids and other random figures

On a roll today, double post

Just finished these guys yesterday:

I think they're either 15mm goblins or 25mm kobolds either way I'm going to use them as small goblinoids of some description for small skirmishes.
I'm hoping to build up a reserve of various miniatures for use in the Skulldred game ( that's currently being developed:

"Skulldred is the fast paced, maths free miniatures skirmish game from BeDerken games. Designed from the ground up to be maths free- you never need to keep numbers in your head or consult a table or army list. Field anything your twisted imagination can muster from any miniature ranges you like!"

Check out the Skulldred forum where you can get hold of the PDF version of the earlier rules and if you haven't already the creater's retro mini  blog (
I've not really had a chance to peruse through the rules yet but just the idea of an any miniature you fancy system ticks all my boxes and means that I have a use for all the random purchases I've made in the past.
The long plan is to put together a small 'hero' warband for the wife and we play against each other with me as the sort of DM controlling the various none hero's. The remit's for creating my wife's warband is that they be mostly female miniatures but "not women with their tits hanging out", so far I've had a look round and Reaper seem to do a decent range of both tits in and tits out minis so I'll probably be heading there on pay-day.

Enough rambling more pics:

Not sure what these are but they look sort of like skinned ghouls so I tried to make them look fleshy
Next up is this fantastic Vilespawn from Gribbly Miniatures, check out the website for some amazingly disgusting resin things. I can't seem to get a descent photo of this figure, it's either to bright and washed out or dark and out of focus, I might try again tomorrow in day light.
 Here's a shot for scale purposes

And here's a shot of my pending/painted display area

Anyway off to bed for me


  1. Hey how very peculiar i finished up painting 9 of those same goblins this weekend. I got mine on ebay a year ago for some silly small price anyway I believe they are Alternate Armies Lesser Goblins.

    1. Ah, thanks for letting me know I can keep an eye out for some more now