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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

FIRST FOLLOWER and some plague bearers

HURRAH I have one follower, the system works :)

I apologise in advance if the images in my blog randomly change sizes, I'm still getting the hang of this and have a habit of forgetting to resize images.

Here's a couple of Plague Bearers that I finished a couple of weeks ago.
I love the first eddition Kev Adams plague bearers they have a ton of charm, I think they went a little too 'chunky' and not plaguey enough by second edition, I think they've saved it with the new 3rd edition mini's. The one on the right below was fantastic to paint if not a little fiddly.


  1. Very nice - a cracking entry to the blogosphere! They are as, well, lovely as pus-filled, rotting, disease-ridden daemons would ever be.

    Looking forward to more!

    1. Thanks very much for the welcome to the land of the blog!
      I'm having camera trouble at the mo so I'm without any new pics but I hope to have some more eye candy by the weekend

  2. Some nice gribbly plaguebearers there. Mr Blanche would approve of your painterly style. Damn me for selling the only 4 I had, now that I have a half painted Unclean One to finish.

    Oh and nice to see I'm not the only unlapsed painter out there :)


  3. Thanks very much and a million more thanks for the John Blanche comparison. I grew up wprshing his painting and illustration so I guess it must have rubbed off on me :)

  4. hey,

    just found your blog and saw these fine look'n plague bearers.

    could you tell me how you painted the guy with the horn coming out of his eye?

    old school all the way :)