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Monday, 23 January 2012


I thought I better start logging what I'm actually purchasing so I can hopefully keep on top of it and not loose things to storage.

Just recieved this fella in the post today, he's been a want of mine for a long time ever since I saw him in my friends older brothers room when I was around 11.
I love the instructions that came with the figure:
"Congratulations you have obtained a miniature representation of the mighty Cthulhu himself. Your heirs will probably never know what became of you but they will find this monstrous artifact amoung your pitiful remains."


  1. Great mini - hell I want one now and I don't even game Cthulhu... yet!

    On which note - you do realise any attempt at cataloguing your growing lead pile is doomed to failure as the addiction increases and the warning in those instructions may prove all too prescient!

  2. Hurrah my first follower!!! Thanks for the commet and follow. Welcome hopefully I can keep you all entertained, and by all I mean all one of you :)

  3. Nice grab, especially in that condition. Hail Cthulhu!