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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Reaper Miniatures and other

I just received my first ever order from Reaper, I've coveted their figures for awhile and thought I'd finally take the plunge and place an order.
First off really quick shipping from the US to the UK, I placed the order on the 31st of Jan and received it yesterday morning (7th of Feb) awesome turnaround as I didn't pay for any supper fast shipping. It arrived well packed and with a free paint sample which was really good of them. If you have chance go and check out their website as they do a ton of unique mini's that would be perfect for loads of different settings and games.
 Here's what I purchased, if you want to see more pics, head to the Reaper site (
These pics are taken from the reaper site and show a few different peoples painted examples so all the glory is to them whoever they are :)

All of these bar the last one are for the all female adventurer party I'm building for my wife. Can't wait to give these a spot of paint especially the frost giantess as the figure is amazing, she has a very Princess Mononoke feel so I might try and copy the colour scheme from the film but to be honest the painted example on the reaper site is pretty amazing so I may use that as inspiration.

I also just received a Freebooter ( beastman for 99p on ebay which looks amazing along with some Disciples of the Red Redemption for £2.99 so I have plenty to get on the next few days/weeks


  1. Nice looking figs - that Frost Giantess will look great in a Princess Monoke style. Reaper colour scheme looks great too mind.

    Like your idea of involving the wife with a special, taylor-made warband - does she game already or is this dipping the toe in?

    I've persuaded mine to play the odd game here and there but something like this might give her a bit more ownership over the whole thing.

    1. Cheers, I've promised myself that I can't start these ladies until I finish the skeletons that I've started...
      My wife doesn't game at the moment but I'm hoping to change that, she's into xbox rpg's (fable, skyrim etc) and reads a lot of fantasy novels so I think tabletop gaming wouldn't be to much of a stretch as long as I can craft some kind of narrative behind the battles I think she might enjoy it. Check out the Skulldred blog if you haven't already as that's what I'm hoping to use rules wise as it's a bit more small war-band based and seems very simple for a beginner.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the skellies!

    Sounds like you're most of the way there with your missus.

    I've been helping playtest Skulldred here and there - great ruleset! - still need to have a go with the latest beta though... The wife had a go with a band of Elves (just cos she fancied Legolas in LOTR!) so might have to try your tack and paint a warband up for her - another excuse to buy more minis!