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Sunday, 5 February 2012


I decided to have a mooch around the pound-shops yesterday and saw these bags of house construction toys that looked promising

For £1 I thought it was worth a go as it could probably be easily turned into some cheap scenery.
It can by the way:
All I did was take six sections of the 'brick' pieces and cut off the unused connection pegs at the top and bottom, I then used these to fill in the spaces at the left and right ends of the wall section and then glued the two sides together (3 pieces for front and 3 for back). The tiles on the top of the wall is a piece of card that I scored and rounded using the end of a paint brush. Once that was all glued together it was a case of dry brushing up through the greys to get the stone effect, overall I think it came out pretty good. 
If you're buying these it may be worth having a quick look at the different bags as I bought two and one the bags doesn't really have many of the solid brick wall sections compared to the other pieces. 

The 'OK' window could easily trimmed into a small doorway or window and you could quite easily use the brick sections for flooring.
Whilst in the pound shop I also picked up a bag of insect toys:

I'm attempting to make an undead war-band for skirmish based games and the 'giant' maggots are a welcome edition. Also in the pack are millipedes, flies, spiders, cockroaches, scorpions and ants, the smaller insects look pretty well sculpted and are made of a harder less flexible plastic and will look pretty good when painted up whereas the millipedes, scorpions etc are made of a more rubbery plastic that I don't think will take paint. On opening the pack I found that the maggots are made of that always sticky type of material which is a pain in the arse to handle. After lots of swearing I managed to eventually get them to stick to a base and not my fingers. To get them to 'set' and make them paintable I gave them a brush with super-glue from one of those tubes with an attached brush which seems to have made them relatively solid. 
Let me know what you think:

Once I get some more bases I may give the ants a go and painted up like Fire ants they should look pretty good.


  1. Nice. Looks like I'd better make a trip to Poundland soon!

  2. Cheers guys and just so you know Chris you were my 10 follower and 100th page view so you win the grand prize of one whole bushel of internets.
    Poundland can be awesome as long as you're prepared to have a root around, I've nearly finished a couple more wall sections that I should be able to add up on the site tonight.

  3. Wow, that's quite a prize I've won for myself! I popped into poundland and saw the wall sections. Was less tempted than I thought, mainly as I had missed the part you wrote about gluing the two sides together, so it came as a surprise to see them like that in the shop.

    On the other hand I found 3 construction vehicles that will do fine for my 15mm zombie project.

    I forgot to look out for the insects. Maybe I'll pop back tomorrow!

    And thanks for following my blog!


    1. Yeah the wall sections are a little bit of a pain in the arse to get to stick together but I think I've cracked it and even managed to make a corner section the other day that came out pretty well.
      No worries on the follow, seeing what other people are doing helps keep me motivated with my blog and also and good ideas I can steal/borrow :)
      The only thing I seem to be having a problem with is getting flock to stick to anything, any advise on what to get it to stick as everything just looks a little bald at the moment?