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Thursday, 23 February 2012


Sorry to my 10 followers for the lack of updates recently boring stuff like work and a cold got in the way.

Anyway I got a bit distracted from painting figures and decided to make a building, I was partly inspired by all the great stuff I keep seeing on other peoples blogs and various forums. Before I go on have a quick look at some of the things these awesome people are doing and if you come away with no inspiration after looking at some of these links there's something wrong with you.

First up is Dampf's fantastic blog and his terrain articles on Baking Irons that includes some amazing step by steps on creating all kinds of terrain pieces.

There's some amazing things going on in the boring Mordheim forum terrain section and it's worth a look even though some of the projects make me hugely jealous

Again this is a Mordheim project that someone is putting together that looks amazing.

Lastly this is the pinnacle of  model making some of the things on here are astounding, the sites in German but is pretty easy to navigate, check out the Mortheim table (second link) words cannot describe it's wondrousness.

Enough of other peoples stuff here's my second attempt at a house (the first being a wooden shack I built about 10 years ago):

Front shot with old citadel pre-slotta druid for scale, I wasn't sure if the door was too small as he looks a little too big with his base but without I think it's not to bad.
Tip on making tiles rather than cut out millions of individual tiles do it in strips like so:
Just make sure that you cut off the strips slightly wider than you want the tiles so that the next layer has something to stick to.
Once you've cut off your strips just trim off the ends (grey area) to make the tiles less uniform and there you are roof tiles.

Closer shot of the front door, I've since added a little more detail in the form a door handle and tweaked the hanging sign.
Ignore the power axe, the chimney is made from polystyrene coated in an air drying clay called DAS which I also used on the walls to give them some texture. I've since added a split log wood pile next to the chimney and will add an axe nearer to completion.
Here's the back garden with corrugated card garden plot. I'm going to add a lot more detail after I've painted the house (hanging herbs, barrels, plants etc) I've got my eye on some miniature plants for the plot of land.

Let me know what you think it needs for finishing touches and I'll see what I can do about incorporating them.


1 comment:

  1. Fantastic work! I remember reading that tip about making tiles in an old issue of White Dwarf.

    I'm sure it will look amazing when it is complete!