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Sunday, 1 April 2012


I've just finished a couple of zombies and an old citadel pre-slotta goblin. As always you can click on the pics for a bigger view.
I think I've got zombie flesh down now, lots of different washes then highlighted with rotting flesh then a bit of white, I'll probably post up a guide if anyone's interested. Also I've discovered the wonders of Tamiya Clear Red for blood on the advice of Zabadaks Zombie Works blog ( anyone interested in doing blood should try it out as you can see on the third picture down you can let the stuff half dry and form strings of blood like on the zombies cleaver and its dries to a super high gloss so looks pretty good IMHO

Here's the pics:

 Heresy half zombie
 Ghoul child again from Heresy
  Heresy zombie again, check out the strings on the cleaver, I'm so glad they worked out
 Heresy Zombie again
 Different view of the half zombie again

Pre slotta Citadel Goblin I think he might be part of this set:
He looks a lot like this guy
Should have some more Zombies finished up this week so expect some more during the week.


  1. Wow, you're really motoring through that old lead there! =) Been keeping tabs on you but just realised I haven't commented or signed up as a follower. Anyhoo, you should check out my blog as well, it's rather in a similar vein and I've done oodles of those old C18 zombies. It's here:

    1. Cheers for the follow and the comments, I'm just going to pop over to your blog now and give you a follow if I can work out how...

    2. Easier said than done mate, I suggest you manually add it to your blogroll list and the link entry will automagically update when I post something new.