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Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Inspired by Fighting Fantasists post
Her's my blog as an 80's fanzine:
I've tweaked the rules slightly as my last few blog posts looked boring as article titles in my fanzine as they were all mostly Zombie, Zombies or other variations, doing this has also made me realize that I need to header my blog posts a little more creatively and limit my use of ZOMBIES as a title.
The image I used is one of my drawings from an old sketch book that I think looks like it fits in with the fanzine theme, if anyone's interested I can post up some more of my drawings.

I finished these three Grenadier Ghosts that I snapped up on Ebay for 99p, I thought that if I went with a  John Carpenters 'Thing' colour scheme they could fit in with a post apocalyptic zombie setting as kind of failed experiments or animated biological matter. The photo's have made them all look a little too similar on the colour front in reality they're all tonally different and are supposed to be representative of (from left to right) skin, blood and organs. 


  1. Those Flesh Ghosts look great. Excellent motion on those figures...the image of a meat-rug tumbling through the street to suffocate the living is horrific.
    I'd really like to see more of your drawings, the cover art looks amazing!

  2. nice artwork. like the flesh ghosts a bit John Carpenter the thing

    1. Cheers, I don't know why someone hasn't actually made a John Carpenters Thing range of minis...