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Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Sorry for the lack of recent updates, my internet at home has been playing up and it hasn't helped changing over to a different supplier so I'm currently running my blog on my lunch break at work.

Not a huge amount of progress since the last update:

Another Zombie child for the horde, she's part of this set from Heresy: (
 Not sure on the pics though I may retake them as they're a little on the dark side, I think she came out pretty well and I'm so glad my freehand double yellow lines are relatively straight on the base.
Next up is a RAFM dimensional shambler from their Chthulhu range

Similar to the flesh ghosts from the previous post I think my zombie apocalypse scenario is leaning towards some kind of virus that animates dead organic matter so this guy could be animated plastic surgery off-cuts and leftovers... it also gives me more scope for mini's and a bit more variety. When ever I ever get round to actually playing a game or creating a board I think I will come up with some more concrete back story but in the meanwhile I'll crack on painting up a heap of zombies and monsters.
Next up is this guy from the same range as the zombie girl, he's not finished yet but I think the flesh is some of the best I've done so far, I'm not to sure on what to do with his trousers but may give recreating denim in 28mm scale a go.

This week I also received these mini's from ebay US from the Spinespur range:
The zombies are a little on the skinny size but should fit in with the rest of the horde quite nice when painted up. The other guy will fit in nice as a post apocalypse psycho butcher and is an awesome mini that I've had my eye on for awhile.

On my usual Saturday mooch around the charity shops my local British Heart book shop had this gem,
It seems that you can also get it used from Amazon for £0.01 which is considerably less than I paid for it but I get more free Karma points with my purchase as it was for Charity
It's similar in presentation to a D&D Monster manual in that you get info on Habitat Culture etc on a series of different Alien species from classic sci-fi novels. Looking at Amazon Wayne Barlow also has a Fantasy guide out too which I shall keep an eye out for:

Lastly if anyone knows what the hell this is let please me know? He was a last minute ebay purchase and looks suitably veiny to fit in with the other chunks of animated meat and flesh


  1. Really nicely done zeds there. Child ones always creep me out. Cracking find with that book. Looks like it will be an interesting read

    1. Cheers, not enough companies make zombies kids. If you can check out Wayne Barlows other books especially the Inferno book, I think it's OOP at the moment but do yourself a favour in the meanwhile and google image search 'Wayne Barlowe Inferno' amazing stuff.

  2. Looks great to me. You might want to check for Tamiya clear red for the blood, every true blogger uses it, haha

    Pack of zombie kids is available at Studio miniatures.

    Where is the butcher from? I saw him on LA forums just yesterday, kinda sick miniature, heh

    1. Thanks for very much, I've got some Tamiya Clear red but I trying not to go too crazy with it on every mini as it's far to tempting to hose everything down in the red stuff :)

      Some Studio mini's are on my 'to buy list' in the future but at the moment I've got way to many things in the lead pile.

      The butcher guy is this guy from Comfy Chair games/Scibor miniatures:

  3. Well worth looking for Barlowe's Inferno, a stunning visual interpretation of Hell. Tons of useful visual reference.

    Barlowe's Guide... can't remember a time when I *didn't* have it. Feel old :(

    1. I've got one of Barlowe's 'hell' books but the name escapes me but I don't think it's inferno.
      I can't believe I've reached 31 without ever owning this book.