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Monday, 28 May 2012


This post was going to originally just be about the UK Games Expo 2012 but saw this and had to mention this for all the Zombie lovers out there, here's the text from the amazing IO9 site:

"A scary bit of news is coming out of Miami this weekend after the city police shot a naked man found eating another man's face. And several circumstances of the story have some people crying zombie.
The police were called in yesterday after the attacker was spotted on the MacArthur Causeway off ramp. When the attacker failed to back away at the officer's request, the officer shot the attacker.
Now it's one thing to eat another person, and it's quite another to eat another person and then continue eating after you've been shot. Witnesses claim the officer fired half a dozen shots before the attacker finally stopped. The attacker was killed, and the victim is currently in the hospital.
This is obviously a great tragedy, one that's left one man dead and another disfigured, and the police are theorizing cocaine psychosis rather than zombification as the cause of the attack. But residents of Miami can rest easy in the knowledge that the police are prepared to nip any zombie outbreaks in the bud"

If you live in the states and are reading this keep an eye on Miami and keep us up to date :)

Anyway back to my original post,

Got back from my first trip to the UK Games Expo in Brum yesterday, overall it was pretty good I was hoping there'd be a little bit more in the way of terrain or interesting displays but for £8 entry fee I can't complain. I was hoping to nab some terrain bargains, barrels and the like but there wasn't much on that front but I did grab some interesting mini's

Thought I'd give some of the Dreamblade pre-painted mini's a go as I've seen some great stuff on other peoples blogs and as Tritex games had a big bucket of Dreamblade fugures for £1 a pop why not.
I think these fit in with the vaguely Thingesque back-story I'm coming up with for my zombie apocalypse and  hopefully when primed, based and given a suitably gruesome paint job they'll fit right in.
Here's a scale shot with a 28mm fig for reference:

I've already removed the big plastic bases from a couple which was tougher than I imagined.
I also got the following from the Expo:

I grabbed these (two at the front) from a lucky dip bucket of lead, no idea of the maker possibly Grenadier they should work well as part of a nautical themed group of figures that I'm trying to put together, so far it's just those two fishmen and the large fella that's a Harlequin troll of some description that I snapped up for 99p on ebay recently.

Also at the Expo were Z war one who were showing off their Zombie themed board-game that should be out later in the year, I didn't have a chance to give it a try but from talking to the guy running the stall (I'm terrible with names) it sounds pretty cool and involved an XP system, interesting  movement mechanics and in future they hope to put out some boss type Zombie mini's which I look forward to seeing. Thankfully they had packs of their Zombies and survivors on sale so I nabbed a pack of each and at £10 for both packs I think I got a good deal:

Here's the rest of my Expo swag:
Chests and baskets, all for £1, I've no idea what I'll use these with but you can never have enough in the way of cast up detritus
Lastly is this scibor chaos mutant that again will work as a decent tank sized zombie with a little work.

Enough of the Exop for now and onto the painted goods:

Not a huge amount on the painted mini's  front recently, just two mini's for now, copplestone zombie and a spinespur guy:

I'm not sure how he's going to fit into a zombie apocalypse setting but he would work as a crazed survivor.

 And here's the horde as it stands at the moment:

I also nabbed a ton of horrorclix freakshow figures on ebay for a good price, there's quite a few multiples so If anyones after anything drop me a message and I'll see if I can help you out, here's the listing if you want a look:

That's it for now, but remember keep an eye on Miami...


  1. That is one crazy news story... I like the zombie theory! As for the show in Birmingham, you have collected some great stuff! Do you ever go to the show in Cardiff "Crusade"?

    1. This is my first year of miniature conventions really so I completely missed out on the Cardiff show, I would have gone if I'd known it was on :) Do you know if there's a list somewhere of upcoming shows?

    2. I'm not really sure. I know Crusade (Cardiff) is always at the end of January, then you have Saulte (biggest one). Then there's the Birmingham one, but I don't know of any others. I've only ever been to the Cardiff one, but hopefully next year (if they ever reply) I'm hoping to go there as a trader :)

  2. Nice work. I really like the pig man. Where did you get him?

    1. Thank! I got him on ebay, from the states (ebay user hoard O Bits) they were having a sale so with shipping it wasn't to expensive although it looks like they don't have any more. The Pig guy is part of the Spinespur range and you should still be able to get him from their website: