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Saturday, 9 June 2012


Not much progress this week as I was away last weekend visiting the family but I did grab this from the pound shop, I've no idea what for but I can foresee some kind of piping or scaffolding terrain in the future.
I did manage to finish these guys, the first from my wargames factory box-set. Not the best sculpts but they paint up pretty well and help bulk out the horde. I've tried to go for a different level of 'freshness' on the skin tones and the blood, I sorted the older blood by mixing a bit of tamiya clear red with black paint for the top zombie.
 I grabbed some D&D figures from Tritex games that I think that fit in with my mutated zombie idea I have going on in my head. So far I've only painted up the Bloodhulk Fighter from the Deathknell range. I think he fits in as a sort of boss tank type figure:
 Here he is next to the other two for scale purposes:

Also got this lot that I think will work with a little bit of work.

Also nabbed these really early citadel zombies that need cleaning up, and don't worry that's not lead rot on the legs it's the left over yellow flesh paint that I stripped off.
That's it for this week


  1. Nice zombie tanks that first one looks badass

    1. Thanks very much, I seem to have a ton of 'Tank' type models at the moment and not much in the way of 'horde'

  2. WGF zombies are really not the best, but I don't think they're too bad for the money you pay. You can check my blog for small conversions that help differeniate them a bit.

  3. The bloodhulk Fighter definetly looks the part of a Zombie Boss; interesting eclectic mix of other potential bosses.

  4. That's some nice stuff. Really like your Tanks.

  5. It all looks good to me, but especially like the tanks!