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Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Today was a good day, a very good day, I received a hefty box of goods from Germany purchased from 'Cherno' on the Lead adventure forums, this lot will keep me going for eons:
Various resin pieces, mushrooms, tavern, bookcase etc
AD&D Gargoyles, ral Partha Rat Swarms etc
Fire Demon, Black Dragon, Chimera etc
Blood Troll, various Wraiths, Xorn, worm corpse thing
Various Mages, a bed, a thief, I think these are all Ral Partha
Bar Staff and some fighters
Various Fighters and robed people
Some Undead and a little gargoyle thing
More Fighters
Ilithid and some unknown creatures. 
Confrontation Ogre wearing an elephant head as a hat and Rogon The Balrog Dragon.

You may be asking how I was able to afford all this as I still have all my kidneys, but this huge haul was only £37, I have no idea what I'll do with most of it but I'm all set for lead for awhile :)

On a less cheery note, please can someone have a look a the two pics below and let me know if the blotching in the two images is the dreaded lead rot (you can click the images for larger views).
I've never really seen the dreaded rot in person so I'm not sure and any advice would be much appreciated. It only seems to be affecting the the main body of Rogon and not the other parts of the kit. I gave the affected areas a scrub with a copper brush and it seems to have removed whatever it was and brought up the model in a nice shine.

Anyway moving on from the doom and gloom, I finished of a couple more old school orcs:

Also here's a little sneak peek at what I've been making this week, the start of a petrified forest/lookout tower.
Hopefully should have some more progress to show you towards the end of the week.


  1. The orcs look really good.

  2. Damn that is a goodie bag!!! You have struck gold mate!!

    I have yet to encounter leadrot, but do fear it as well. As far as I know there should be some yellow powdre due to lead rot.

  3. Having been a recipient of Cherno's generosity last year I can confirm that he is a top bloke and generous to a fault.

  4. Awesome haul! From the pics you have it definitely looks like lead rot. I've seen far too many examples and hate the cursed condition. I have some pics of it in dreadful action here:

    1. Thanks for the heads up, Even though I've scrubbed the surface and it seems clean is it worth carving out the effected areas?

    2. Probably not necessary from what you describe: If you get shiny-ish metal after a superficial scraping or cleaning you're in luck, it hasn't penetrated too deep into the metal. That Rogon is an awesome mini and well worth any effort to restore. Congrats again on an awesome treasure trove of stuff!

    3. Phew! Glad it's seems like an non-fatal case of the rot as it's such an interesting mini, is it a dragon is it a Balrog?
      I'll probably get him base-coated up over the weekend as apparently that can help prevent/slow down the process.

    4. Dunk him in some water and bicarbonate, it ought to neutralize the acidic reactions causing the rot. Then scrub and wash him off good n proper.

  5. I'm sure that "Christmas came early" was a quote from a James Bond film. Differemt context I think;-)