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Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Unfortunately I've not made any progress with the terrain that I started last week, so instead here's a mostly Giant based update.

Just finished painting one of the Early Citadel C28 Giants, the ones with the separate weapons and heads, the one highlighted below:

There's some more pics of the various parts up on the collecting citadel mini's wiki:

I nabbed him on ebay for a couple of pounds awhile back as I think he was listed as an unknown wargame troll or something along those lines which was lucky as these early figures seem to go for silly money.

Here he is again this time with a flash:

I'm not 100% sure on the colour of his clothing as I don't think it contrasts enough with his skin tone, I should have gone with a similar colour to his belt or a more earthy blue.
And here he is with the small orc warband I've got going,


This week I've added this lot to the lead pile:

He's one of these guys, sculpted by Nick Biddy and released in 1987:
He's a little on the flat side detail wise with not much in the way of definition but should hopefully look good alongside the other giant once he's painted up.

Along with the fella above I got these two guys:
The first of the two is the Citadel Giant Hill Troll sculpted by Kev Adams. Ever since I saw him on the amazing Somewhere the Tea's getting cold blog ( I've wanted to add him to the collection. He has such a dopey looking face and should fit right in with the Orc warband. The second figure is one of the amazing Jes Goodwin Ogres (

Also managed to nab the old citadel Zombie Dragon along with an early Citadel Creeping Young Dragon for £12.
They turned up as a buy it now for them both and as people seem to be asking for £30-50 buy it now for just the Zombie dragon I went for it. The Zombie Dragon needs a little more cleaning up and sorting out as there a ton of really deep recess's clogged with paint and I seem to be missing the very tip of the tail along with the neck being broken in half. It should hopefully be easy to sort out with a little pinning and some greenstuff.

Also nabbed a couple of the dwarf Lords of legend for a future dwarf warband.

Lastly but by no means least I finally managed to get hold a copy of Slaves To Darkness for a decent price (under £40) which seems crazy as there are still copies being bid on that are over the £50 mark, all I need now is a copy of Warhammer Armies and the Siege book and I'll be completely Oldhammered.


  1. What a haul! I love Nine Fingers the giant. I have always wanted one of those in my collection, so very envious. An impressive paint job nonetheless and I feel he looks suitably grimy enough to be a filthy giant.

    1. Thanks very much, I just wish I could paint as quick as I can add to the pile :)