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Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Not a huge amount of progress on the painting front for this update as I was busy drawing the Golden Goblin for use in the upcoming old-school paint battle being organized by Orllygg:
Above are both versions of the Golden Gobbo, the original black line version created with a fine liner and the  filed in version that took a silly amount of time using photoshop's bucket fill tool as I couldn't workout a quicker way, I'm, sure there is one but the end result is pretty good so I can't complain

This update is more of a more of a here's what's damaged my wallet this week kind of update.

First up we have some more giants/ogres:
The guy on the left is one of the brilliant Nick Biddy Citadel Giants that I purchased as part of a random ebay lot, he's missing his club but I should be able to fashion one pretty easily.
The special needs looking guy on the right is an extremely old school Fiend Factory FF16-1 Giant Troll Attacking with Spiked Club (you can see him here in the ninth row down,
He looks like he's been moulded out of play-dough and is a completely horrible basic sculpt all runny melted wax details and soft edges but I still love him. I imagine he's the product of the horrible union between a troll and an ogre and hopefully when he's painted up he' fit right in with the other giant-kin family I seem to be collecting.

Next up is a repaint of a D&D Loyal Earth Elemental jazzed up with the edition of some basing material to make him look like he's recently been raised.
I should have put in a normal figure for scale but to get an idea he's mounted on a 50mm base so he's/it's fairly large.

Next up a ton of random citadel, and other manufacturers mini's
Two Rangers from this range ( and a slightly later citadel knight
A Citadel Hobgoblin beast-master, an Aly Morrison Kobold from this range: and a Grenadier Demon that will fit in well with a Beastman warband
More old school orcs
More Orcs
Big Grin the Half Orc ( I think is an Essex great scaly Orc and an early chaos knight
What I think is Chainmail mini, a solid base Chaos Fighter (Vargus Soul Stealer) and a fantastic Bob Olley black Orc
Some Fiend factory stuff I think and something that looks like a really squashed alien
A Chainmail Dwarf, a chaos snail from scibor and some early fiend factory trolls
And finally what will be some causality markers when they're painted up.


  1. Bloody hell! Good luck with that lot.

  2. Have fun with that lot you will be busy, That earth elemental Rocks! literally :D

  3. What a lovely pile of lead!

    Well done again on that Gobbo!

    1. P.S. Without wanting to hassle you too much I wanted to also check whether you got my email about doing some other illustrations for the zine. Having read about the time you've put into the Gobbo I can well understand if you wanted a break from the pen - especially with that fine collection to paint up!

  4. What a ton of brilliant old fun! Nice job on the illustration too

  5. Awesome finds, those are some great minis.

  6. Cool to see some of the projects you're up to! RE photoshop, yes, there's a better way! Make your drawing layer a separate layer above your color layer and set the drawing layer to "screen" mode. Next use the lasso or magnet lasso to trace your shapes and then use the fill to fill the shapes on the color layer. Use the shift and alt keys in combination with the lasso tool to add to or subtract from the selection (you don't have to get the whole select "right" the first time... select some, hold down shift and select some more, hold down alt and cut some away, etc). There are plenty of good tutorials out there explaining fancier things you can add to this technique but this is a basic method.

    1. Oops, pardon me, I meant to say multiply mode, not screen.