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Friday, 22 June 2012


I was asked by Orlygg form the ever wonderful Realm of Chaos 80's blog ( if I could put up an orc flesh painting guide, so here goes, as always you can click on any of the pics for a bigger view.

Here's all the paints that will be used in some fashion in this guide,
I'm a bit behind on the current paints so some of these will more than likely be called something different now .
I mostly used the following:
Catachan Green, Snot Green, Goblin Green, Camo Green, Sunburst Yellow, Emperors Children

Washes / Glazes:
Nuln Oil, Thrakka Green, Lamenters Yellow, Baal Red

The first thing you need to do is undercoat your orcs in your usual fashion. I generally undercoat all my mini's in codex grey and then give them a black ink wash as I find it provides the best base for most colours and you don't have the problem you do with black in that some colours don't cover.

First up give all the exposed flesh of your orcs a coat of Catachan green.

Once this is dry give them a liberal wash of Thrakka Green when this is dry give them a coat Nuln Oil. I try to have a few different groups of mini's on the go at once so I can be working an earlier step whilst waiting for the washes to dry.

Next step is to begin the highlighting, the first layer being snot green

Followed next by Goblin Green,

Once this is dry gave the whole thing a coat of Lamenters Yellow Glaze. I hate using this phrase but I think it helps everything 'pop' and blends together the previous layers of green and gives the green a 'healthy' glow.

Next up once the glaze is dry is to do some more highlighting, I use camo green for this step. I'm not sure if it's meant to be like this but my pot of camo green is very watery and tends to separate a lot in the pot and go on very translucent so you  may need to water yours down slightly. 

Onto the last level of highlighting, for this step I  just pick out the very highest points on the skin (nose, cheekbones, elbows etc) with a tiny bit of Sunburst Yellow.

That's pretty much it for the skin, for the protruding bottom lip I just highlight it with some Emperors Children pink and give it a once over with some red wash. Once that's dry I add some detail in with evenly spaced tiny dashes of Blood Red, as you can see in the image below:

That's it for this tutorial for now as that's all I've painted :)
If any of the above wasn't clear give me a shout


  1. Thanks for the guide. I'm going to try and adapt it to my original 80s colours with a little bit o' mixing. I have an orc just painting for the paint soaking in my dettol just now...