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Friday, 4 May 2012


Finished a couple more zombies for the Horde and managed to get some better shots of the two previously painted mini's
Here's the finished fat zombie from the previous post from Heresy mini's, he's supposed to be a fantasy fig I think due to his rope belt but I think he works well as a modern day zombie tramp in his skanky tracksuit bottoms:
He's a fantastic sculpt and even has nipples which I've noticed quite a few mini sculptors seem to forget on male figures.
Next up is a zombie from Copplestone Castings future War range which again is a great sculpt with tons of character:
I couldn't for the life of me get his face to focus on camera but you get the general idea,
I also managed to snap some better shots of the RAFM dimensional shambler and Heresy zombie child, it makes a huge difference shooting against a black/grey background rather than the previous blue:

 Finally here's how the current Modern horde stands:


  1. Really nice work on these nice gritty grimy look. The Fatty Compo at the top is a nice figure its one of those fantasy figure that could be either.

    1. Thanks very much, I think I'm getting the hang of human skin now it was always something that I could never get to look right.

  2. More great looking zombies. Must be quite the horde now!

    On a related note I saw this:

    I thought it might be of interest if you hadn't already seen it.


    1. Thanks very much
      I've still got a ton of mini's to paint up for the horde and then hopefully it's onto creating some scenery and then I may actually get to play a game :)
      I've already had a look at the Zombiecide kickstater and it looks amazing, I'm hoping they do the mini's on their own.