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Thursday, 17 May 2012


First off howdy to all the new people that have joined the blog I'm almost breaking the 50 people mark here which is pretty cool. If you have any interest in zombies gaming you should get yourself over to the board of the living dead ( as this seems to be the congregating point for the Zombloggers that have inspired me.

Anyway on to the mini's, I finished a couple more Zombies for the Horde last night:

From left to right, two Copplestone plague zombies, a Forlorn Hope games zombie ( and a Lead Adventures Child of The Zone

First up is one of the Copplestone Plague Zombies from the Future Wars Range on a home made base, I think he's turned out a little too shiny but should look better once I get hold of some matt varnish.

Another Copplestone plague Zombie that for the life of me I couldn't get to focus but you get the idea. I think his suit needs something adding to it like possibly stripes but for now he will remain in his boring grey suit until I see something to copy off.

Next up is the unknown Zombie that I got from Forlorn Hope games, I've tried to capture an older dryer zombie finish for this guy and left off any reds so he looks more 'husky'. I get the feeling that he's been stuck in a hospital room for some time and has finally managed to escape and is dragging a section of metal from the door frame.

Lastly is this saggy mess from the Lead Adventure post apocalyptic range, he's part of the Children of the Zone set which includes some fantastic mini's. If you've ever played S.T.A.L.K.E.R you should check out the whole range as it's pretty much the character models from the game recreated in 28mm. I've just realized that he is actually supposed to be wearing trousers  and not be completely naked (check out the pic in the link
When I was painting him I didn't realize it was supposed to be trousers and painted him up starkers. I just thought he had exceptionally saggy flesh from the huge stomach wound but thinking about it further in hindsight he doesn't seem to have anything in the way of genitals so maybe that should have been a trousers based clue. Nevermind he can now forever be a saggy nude eunuch zombie.

Also this week I finally received my first box of Wargames Factory plastic Zombies. I've seen these in a lot of peoples blogs and wasn't to impressed with the quality of the sculpts but when a box of 24 popped up on ebay for £9 with free postage I took the plunge and at £0.37.5p a zombie I can't really complain.
I'll post up a proper look at the figures whenever I get round to painting and assembling them.

I never know how to end a blog post so..........bye


  1. Great paint jobs on all of them. I particularly liked the way you painted the shoes on the first of the two Copplestone zombies.

  2. Looking pretty good mate!

    A nice diversity in the zombies.

    1. Thanks very much, I'm trying to ramp up the diversity some more with a series of infected animals. I've just received a couple of gorillas so expect to see these at some point in the future

    2. zombie gorillas? Who makes these?

    3. Unfortunately no one at the moment, I'm just going to paint up some 28mm Gorilla's to look 'Sick' and maybe bloody, hopefully it will look pretty cool.

  3. Very nice. I need to get the copplestone plague zombies I only have the Soldier ones so far

  4. Very nicely done. I too like the copplestones, and plan on picking them up relatively soon (along with their police).