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Monday, 10 September 2012

Caption Competition winner and new acquisitions

A little later than advertised as I fell asleep on the couch yesterday afternoon like some kind of pensioner, we have a winner of the caption competition, drum roll please....

And the winner is...

Rab with:
"No, cat, I'm not smaller than you - I'm just far away"

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to contribute and cheers for the smiles :)
Rab fire over your contact details to adamcore at hotmail dot co dot uk and I'll try and get your prize in the post tomorrow.

Yesterday I spent the morning at Newbury & Reading Wargames Colours show and even managed to persuade the wife to come along. I was going to take a load of pictures and do a proper review but managed to bring a camera without any batteries so instead I will just show you what I returned with, most of which I purchased from Ainsty's stall (
These were in their bargain tray and I think they are O scale train set pieces.
Barricades and trade goods:
Also picked up a pack of treasure chests (the three larger ones) from Ainsty that I can't see on the website and a couple of packs of small crates and bags from one of the other stalls.
A Ral Partha resin camp site.
I promised myself I wouldn't buy any mini's but I don't often see livestock so snapped up some pigs, a sheep and a pony.
On the mini front I also dug a small part of the Nightmare Legion out of a scrap/everythings £0.80p tub from one the stands:

Also finished off a couple of other mini's this week, first up is Grotnar Beserk from the Citadel's Barbarian Raiders line:

I love this mini, he's in such a dynamic pose and was a treat to paint. Lastly for this update is a citadel Norse Dwarf bezerker that I think could benefit from some tattoos.


  1. That is a nice pile of goodies you brought home. Look at it like this you finished some models so the purchases may not be as unbalanced in buying to painting...

    Congrats to Rab!

  2. Nice haul of stuff and a worthy winner to the caption contest

  3. Woohoo! I won something :)

    That's a nice haul, indeed. I think you're right about the berserker needing tattoos; something I've never managed to get right. Good luck!

    1. Yeah I think I'll have to give some dwarven tattoo's a go.

      I've just realized that I've put my email address down wrong above it should be adamcore at hotmail dot co dot uk so if you emailed me across your address please fire it over again and I'll get your goodies in the post

  4. The Ainsty stuff is lovely and those barricades came in handy at Orc's Drift!

    Lovely work as ever on the berserkers great and small - agreed on the tatts though.

  5. I think those chests have only just been released (a LAFer sculpted them) and I am sure to pick some up when they appear on the Ainsty site.

    Very much appreciating the barbarian and Dwarf crazy!

    Oh, and congrats to Rab!