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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Newly Painted mini's

Sorry about the delay in updating ye old blog, I seem to have not had any free time to do much in the way of painting but here's what I've finished over the last couple of weeks.
First up we have a 'Cleric Communing' from Grenadiers Dungeon and Dragons Specialist set:

It's a pretty old sculpt that was fairly pitted and undefined but I think the overall finish has come out alright.
I'm not 100% on the red reflected in the chest plate, I think it could do with toning down a little.

Next up we have another Citadel Barbarian:
I've given freehand tattoos/warpaint a shot which I think turned out OK especially on the face.
Looking at these pics though the savage moldline between his axe and right arm is really noticeable which is something that I will have to revisit.

Also this week I managed to finish off painting a house from Dr Willetts Workshop:
After seeing the review on Wargame news and terrain ( I decided to sink the perfectly reasonable sum of £10.99. I pretty much agree with everything he said so if you want a full review check out the link. I was a little hasty sticking mine together and didn't check to see if there was any warping of the parts so I had a little trouble getting the edge of one half of the roof to line up but it was easily sorted out with a little air drying Clay so not the models fault more mine for being overeager.

I've gone for a darker paint job than the one up on the Dr Willets site as it'll fit better with the rest of my scenery and other building. To get the dirty finish on the plasterwork I used my old white GW paint that seems to have started to coagulate and went on really lumpy and streaky. Once that was dry I slapped on some black ink which I smudged around with my finger before it was fully dry.

Also finished up the various barricades and crates: 


  1. Stunning really like that Barbarian fella

  2. Lovely stuff - nice tatts on the barbarian too.

    Love the bird muck on the roof beams of your house - bloody pigeons!

    1. Again thanks :) I wasn't sure about the bird muck but It came out pretty well

  3. The barbarian looks great: really effective tattoos/warpaint.

    The house is fantastic. I've got a couple of GM half-timbered buildings and although they are very nice (and have removable roofs/floors) their cost had prohibited me from getting any more. The Willetts Workshop looks great - esp. for the price - and I'm going to have to see about picking up one for myself!

  4. Yay! Big up on the Cleric, classic mini.