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Monday, 8 October 2012

Ikea Makes me Sad and a mostly scratch built monstrosity

This blog post was supposed to be a triumphant celebration of my new desk and was to include lovely pictures of my new painting set up but no that didn't happen.
On Friday my commanding officer (the wife) gave the go ahead on my painting corner in the living room so after agreeing on a suitable shelving unit and desk that will fit in with the rest of the living room, I thought why pay the £35 delivery charge when I can drive over to the nearest Ikea on one of my days off. Sensibly I checked the stock figures on Friday night before setting off on the 1 hour drive to the nearest Ikea first thing Saturday. After circling the madly packed car park for the best part of 20 minutes before finding a space I fought my way through three floors of shoppers and the maze like layout to face an entirely  empty bay in their warehouse where my lovely new desk should be. Hmm ok? that's a bit weird, I'll check the stock computers, yep it's in stock, ok I'll ask one of the staff see if they're just re-stocking or something. Nope there's a stock problem/discrepancy on this line and they won't be back in stock until Wednesday. I almost cried.

I've told my wife that if I ever suggest going to Ikea again she's to punch me directly in the knob and I will thank her.

Ok now that's out of system here's what I got up to on the hobby front, as I'm on Hobbycraft's mailing list I received a 20% discount voucher for Thursday only so decided to pop in grab some stuff.

I've no idea what I was thinking buying some dinosaurs but It's a cool little box that I'm sure will be fun to paint. The beads and Milliput will become apparent later in the blog post.

Only finished off one mini from the mountain this week:

My first attempt at painting none white skin, I think it turned out pretty good on this guy. He's an early Citadel sculpt that I can't seem to find anywhere although there is Chaos Thug version: (second row from the bottom on the right).

Lastly I was feeling a little uninspired on the painting front last week so decided I'd give some scratch building a go, I had a vague idea that I wanted something covered in eyes (hence the beads earlier). What I ended up with was this guy:

I'm not sure what he's supposed to be but he's definitely something in the Nurgle family. He's/It's nearly all scratch built apart from three Rat Ogre arms and the human sized faces on/in his head. I'm especially happy with the base too as it's the first large display type base I've ever made. I must give a shout out to Massive Voodoo's amazing site: for the base as I spent a long time perusing the awesome tutorials before starting on the base.

The pictures above look very muted as I tried taking some shots without the flash or a direct spotlight to see what it looks like, He's the same shot with the light:

Personally I like the muted shots better, let me know what you think:

Here's a few more brighter shots and a final one for scale.

Hopefully the next update will include a glorious new work station but I'm not getting my hopes up yet :(


  1. Aww man! I hate Ikea at the best of times and feel your pain. The dark skinned thug? Looks superb and the skin is great for your first go. I find painting dark skin easier than painting lighter shades. I especially struggle with Asian.

    Nice work on the Nurgle beast. Cool looking scratch build

  2. Great work! The dark skin is easier than basic white skin with some practice. To me the darker colors are more forgiving.

    Love the Nurgle monster!

    Sorry to hear the desk thing was a bust. I had my wife talked into one of those glass display things for about $50 (back then, think they are more now) and went to buy one and all was out of stock. I almost cried, they told me would be weeks before they would restock. Needless to say the window closed. I keep trying to sell the idea to my wife to buy 4, then I can toss out some crap in my room to put them in and have a very nice looking hobby room with my figures on display.

  3. I don't know what it is... but I know what I like and I like that gross thing!! Keep it up!

  4. Commiserations on the IKEA debacle - I refuse to go anywhere near the place, or pretty much any other shops for that matter!

    I've ended up with a load of hand-me-down antiquey style cabinet and desk set which I'm quickly outgrowing...

    Nice job on the non-chaos thug. I used to own the chaos version but have never seen this one before.

    Love the gribbly monster too and the base sets him off nicely.

  5. The Nurgle beasty is absolutely amazing in a disgusting way. Excellent work.

  6. The dark skinned chap (great paintjob btw) is part of the C04 pre-slotta range. I researched it a bit when looking for vintage Citadel pirates. Here's some stuff: