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Thursday, 29 November 2012

A Few painted mini's

Managed to finish a couple of more of the alternative armies and mutant chronicles mini's:

First up is the Mutant Chronicles Razide figure, who was great to paint, he was mostly various washes and glazes over a flesh base built up in layers with a tiny bit of highlighting at the end.

A fantastic chunky sculpt (that's a 40mm base) that would work well for a ton of systems.

Next up we have a couple of Alternative Armies Khanate Empire troops:

Again lovely Bob Olley Space Goblin sculpts that I decided on a blue skin tone for as I've done green goblinoids and why shouldn't space goblins be blue. Not really done much else mini wise these last couple of weeks as I'm feeling a little un-inspired but hopefully things will pick up over the weekend and things will seem a little brighter :)

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