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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Finished Squad of Bob Olley Marines

Finally finished the Squad of Bob Olley Marines:

I went for a bright colour scheme as I was a little sick of painting earthy browns, greens and human flesh so I tried to keep it bright and simple but still give the suits of armour a lived in worn feel without compromising on the brightness.

Here's some detail shots (as always click for larger)

This week I've also finished off an old Space Hulk genestealer as a test run for a possible colour scheme for the others that I've nabbed off ebay. To be honest though I'm not sure if I'll be able to recreate the finish as I just kept slapping on washes and glazes until it looked right.

Topping up on futuristic mini's has meant that I've broken my self imposed ebay ban and started adding a few more mini's to my sci-fi pile that'll post about separately later in the week. 
Also this week Aggro84 on the lead Adventure forums posted up a series of amazing pics taken from the Tears of Isstvan blog 
that are seriously making me want to put together a John Blanche inspired 28mm Inquisition warband, and and some filthy rusting terrain something with slime, skulls and pipes all over the place.
Some other amazing inquisition/Necromunda (I-munda to those in the know) stuff I've been eye-drooling over are the amazing mini's over on the Spiky Rat Pack Blog: honestly if you're not already familiar with these sites go and check them out as some of the things these guys are coming up with are amazing.

Must. resist. starting. a new project.... too late I've just bought some 28mm scale mesh. Bugger


  1. That Genestealer looks great, you really brought the model to life. Looks like it stepped right out of the old artwork!

    1. Cheers, thanks very much just hope I can recreate the colour scheme on he next batch

  2. Very nice indeed! I'd never seen these Olley models before and think they look great. Of course your most excellent painting and basing aids this impression no end.

    1. Thanks, there's quite a few other awesome figures on the Alternative Armies site that I'm hoping to add to the group

  3. I LOVE these. You've really made the most of these venerable old sculpts. I have a pile of these lads myself, and now I'm thinking they are a hidden gem I've had all this time. Great work!

  4. Hi fellow lead addicts .

    My name is Loris Accaries, I'm really enjoy your blog.

    I'm currently filling a similar one with with my Nurgle army from the 80's.

    I have added your blog to my favorites ones.

    I hope you will enjoy mine.

    Greeting from the realms.