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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Long time no post

Hey everyone sorry for he gap in posts but real life hugely got in the way of any blogging and it's taken me a while to get back in the swing of things and I'm still not really back to 100%, so going forward for the next few months there might not be a huge amount of updates to my blog as I'm pretty much in the process of re-arranging my entire life. Anyway that's enough on the 'real' front here's what I've been up to on the hobby front.

Firstly a big shout out to my friend in actual real life Phil who finally bowed to peer pressure and started his blog, Monsters and Machines.
Head over there and give his stuff a look as it's top (he needs the followers) ;-)

I finally managed to have a big sort out of my desk and get everything arranged how I wanted:

The cabinet on the left contains all my finished mini's and is an Ikea Expedit shelving unit:
with their glass shelving inserts:

An easy solution to my display needs, the glass inserts were a little bit of a pain in the arse to put together but look great and should hopefully keep he dust off. I'm aiming to add  some strip lighting to each of the sections as it's a little on the dark side the lower you get down through the shelves but that's an addition for next months pay packet.

Here's a blurry shot of one of the sections, my plans going forward are to create a Small themed diorama for the bottom of each section and get some clear acrylic risers for the top shelf to best use the space and also so you can see the mini's at the back of each section, something along these lines:

Also above my desk I've attached some cheap plastic trays that now hold all my mini's that are technically WIP's that way I can grab anything that catches my eye and hopefully it'll mean that I get more mini's finished.

On the most recent purchase front I got a random box of lead from ebay that contained all of these guys:

A ton of old citadel and Grenadier mini's that for now I've just undercoated ready for basing, I'll probably do a separate update with individual shots at a later date.

Now to the painted stuff, first up we have a really early Citadel CO3 cleric (second row down)

Lovely little mini, but a little on the rough side sculpting wise so I've done the best I can and given him a fiery finish.

Next we have the awesome Saughin mini's that I got from my brother at Christmas:

The items in their hands I made myself from greenstuff and other spare weapons, I imagine anything that they would use as weapons would be scavenged and heavily corroded.
Lastly for now I've painted up one of the Grenadier Demons from their box-set as an addition to the aquatic group (

Lastly for this update is what I'm calling the goblin cup, £1 from a charity shop and worth every penny:


  1. I was looking at that same shelving at Ikea a few weeks back.

  2. Looking awesome man, really jealous of that desk. I'm getting more and more cramped on my little corner! Especially with the addition of my new airbrush!

    Thanks for the shout out man! (I really do need the followers...)