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Monday, 11 February 2013

Recent Loot

Feeling a bit under the weather at the moment so not much progress on the painting front apart from finishing some long ago half started causality markers:

I've no idea who manufactures these as I picked them up at a convention awhile back, I've mounted them on 25mm washers.

Saturday was the Newbury and Reading wargames Society Call to Arms show which is only down he road from where I live so is always worth a visit, just a quick peruse of the stalls and bring and buy got me all this:

From Ainsty's stall a heap of old TSR, Earthdawn, Skavvies, Ungors and other assorted beasties, here's a few shots of everything un-packaged:

Woo more lead to add to the pile!!!

Also picked up a copy of the Advanced Terrain Modelling for a whopping £3 which looks like a bargain if the prices on Amazon and ebay are anything to go by.

Also napped a ton of dice for £3:

That's it on the loot front, but stroke of luck I won my first ever competition!! 
Miniature Heroes had a facebook competition with a chance to win some OOP Reaper mini's and I done did win which was nice. 

To sign off here's a picture of my two flat mates Bill and Gill approving of the new shelving arrangement

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  1. Adam, you're literally not going to have room for a bed I. Your house if you buy any more models?! I'm also pretty certain that the atmosphere in said house will have dangerously high levels of lead in it! The last thing you want is a biohazard team breaking down you're door and quarantining the place! Wait a minute, that would be pretty cool! Buy more!!!!