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Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Hello everybody sorry for the lack of posts, I've not really had much to show off recently and I was away in the lake district for a week so haven't been near my desk to slap paint or glue on anything. Hopefully this week I should be back on schedule so I thought I'd start with showing off the loot I'd nabbed from Salute:

This was my first Salute and happened to fall just after my Birthday so meant that I had a large chunk of 'free' cash to blow on new toys. I went in with the proviso that I would attempt to keep the number of mini's that I purchased down to a minimum as I've got far to many as it is and with the Reaper Kickstarter arriving sometime soon I'll soon have more than a lifetimes worth of painting. All that being said I still somehow managed to come away with some mini's, here's the haul in all it's glory, I'll try and list it all below:

From top left working across and down:

1. Bag of mixed leaves for basing from
I used to make my own out of chopped up leaves but I always make too little or forget completely then can't be bothered when I need it so this is the lazy option.
2. Rust effect paint/medium from
This stuff looks amazing from the demonstrations that the guys running the stand were showing off, I'll post pics when I ever get round to using it.
3. Prepainted starwars and D&D figures from
You can never have to many random monsters.
5. Ainsty Castings Swat Van
6. More Ainsty Castings stuff, Skips, Salt Bins, Fax, Safe Desk etc
7. New pin vice form the Troll Trader
I bought the Scavanger Tank Busters and the two packs of not Predators that they do as I seem to have most of the rest of the Future Wars ranges.
He's slightly larger than the Copplestone predators so should make a perfect leader.
11. Some random Dark Sun D&D monster that cost me £1
12. Some Stowage from 
15. Not pictured above, A nodding Donkey from Fenris games:

Last but by no means least:

Three awesome Laser Cut buildings from Sarissa Precision
I've been eyeing these up online for a long time but wanted to actually have a look at them in person before making a purchase and as they had a large stand with everything on display I finally bit the bullet and dropped a large part of my cash on three buildings:

I intend to jazz them up with a little extra detail inside and out, I've already removed the middle banister on the bottom building as my 30mm bases didn't quite fit with it still on there. Now all I really need are some more sets of 28mm furniture...

That's all for this week, should have some more progress at the weekend and a few more pics of the buildings.


  1. Lovely buildings! Versatile too.

    1. I'm hoping they'll paint up really nice and should work for modern zombies all the way up to post apocalypse. I've just got to work out how to make 28mm curtains :)

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the new (to me at least) Sarrissa buildings.
    Quite an impressive haul too.

    1. No worries, I love the fact that the buildings also have interiors, a little cramped for my 30mm bases but I think I've managed to tweak them to fit. I'm going to try and blitz the painting over the weekend set myself the task of getting them all finished by Sunday.

  3. Nice haul. Those buildings look nice. Look forward to seeing them appear here with your modifications to them :D

  4. I so wish I'd gone with you man but between work, training, money and other 'real' life road blocks it wasn't possible. It seems your delving into the realm of doll house making....a little worrying ;P

    Also, answer your damn text messages!