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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Mini tank and payday loot

More post apocalyptic bits and pieces for you this week. As it was payday recently I decided to have a mooch around town and see what the retail gods would offer up for my painting table. First up I popped into TK Maxx and grabbed this from the toy section for £4.99:

It looked roughly the right scale for 28mm figures so I gave it a shot, once painted up should work really well as a terrain piece. Here are a few shots of the pieces and the with some mini's so you can see for yourself:

I also popped into Model Zone for quick look around and came out with a couple of airfix kits that were on sale, £1.99 for this little WWI tank

and £15.00 for this beast of a kit:

I think the Russian BMP should be easily apocalytic-iffied, it is a little on the large size (1:35 scale) but looking at the seating on the sprues they look about right for a 28mm arse.

As I've not put together any airfix kits for about 15 years I started with the WWI male tank and with a little tweaking ended up with a mini one man post apocalyptic flame tank. Most of the additions are Ramshackle games resin parts and a little extra plasticard.


  1. They all look like good finds, will be having a trip to TK's myself.

  2. That tank looks great. Can't wait to see how you tackle the BMP and garage.

  3. The WW1 tank looks sweet. Now how can I fit that into the Mechanicus ranks and where's my local modelzone... I look forward to seeing that garage get hit by a whole bucketload of urban decay! Great stuff.

  4. I agree with Gareth, can't wait to see that Garage dragged through the radioactive murk!

  5. Great haul there! Hey, tell us how you make leaves? I need to do that and you could save me some time!