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Thursday, 28 March 2013


Hello everyone and welcome to my newest followers, finally breached the 100 mark hope you all enjoy what I'm spouting and I hope all of you who joined when things were old school citadel fantasy don't mind me drifting off into the post apocalypse again don't worry I will inevitably drift back to fantasy land at some point so please bear with me :-)

I realize that I've been lax in my blogging and my last update was nearly 3 weeks ago so this update may be a little on the large size and rambling.

I finished the Killdozer awhile back and made a little display board for any future PA mini's:

The Display board It's a £1 canvas frame from Poundland that I covered in Wilco's Flexible brown wood filer:
I'm sure there's a cheaper solution but it's just what I had to hand. I find using flexible fillers works better on terrain pieces as you get less chipping and with it being brown hopefully any damage over time won't be as noticeable.
When the filler was still wet to add texture I pressed in some small stones and a few bits and pieces of scrap. Once dry it was base coated black highlighted grey and then slapped with various rusty/chemically colours and the 'chemical puddles' gloss varnished. I'm debating whether or not to make a series of stackable boards like this that somehow clip together to form a small gaming board and when not in use stack neatly under my desk but that's a project for another time.

The next vehicle that will be rustied up is this beast:

A Bob the builder truck that now I've removed the grinning face and googly eyes should paint up pretty well as a post apocalyptic vehicle. It's a little on the large size but as you can see in the pic below they do exist.

I'm not 100% sure whether or not to have it as a static terrain piece and build a series of shanty shacks on the back or leave it mobile and add a series of gun towers to the back?

Also in other supply drop news I put an order in with Pig Iron Productions:
My order came in super fast time and I can highly recommend their customer service!
Here's the painted up mini's

A mix from the Kolony Feral HQ set and the Kolony Feral Infantry Set, I'm missing the leader from the HQ set as I managed to snap off his banner pole and I don't have the means to reattach it at the mo.

Here's the Kolony Feral Blades.
I also have a set of the Kolony Rebels and a ton of spare heads ready for some converting.

Lastly for the painted stuff this week I have some rezolution Dravani Shamblers that I picked up on ebay:
I'm using these guys as a sort of Toxic zombie in my post apoc setting.

As you can probably see in the images above I threw together a little bit of post apocalyptic terrain in the form a mini bunker made from a piece of packing foam.

Here's a few more arty shots of the new mini's and the bunker:

Cheers for looking!


  1. Adam, these are wicked man! I love the pig iron minis. I really need to do some more terrain at some point.....maybe some tyranid terrain?!

    1. Cheers muchly Phil, yeah the pig Iron stuff is awesome. Egg box painted pink and fleshy voila tyranid terrain!

  2. Awesome work! Those shots ooze mood. Very nice!

  3. Looking pretty good!

    Moody feel to the ruins.