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Monday, 4 March 2013

Nearly finished first Wasteland vehicle

Nearly finishing painting up this beast:

It still needs a little more work on the details and the tires need messing up but otherwise it's mostly finished.
As I was paid at the weekend I blitzed the town for some supplies for the next round of vehicles and came back with all of this:

The Humvee looking vehicle and the tractor were both from the poundshop along with both rolls of the silver wire (2 rolls for £1).
Another discovery that I made in my local Wilco's is picture hanging wire (the small brass loops next to the tractor) looks almost perfect for 28mm rope, it's made of multiple really thin pieces of wire already pre-coiled into an almost perfect rope effect, I love little discoveries like this.
Also over the weekend I popped into Pets at Home to nab some aquarium plants to carpet my post apocalypse.

I'm trying avoid green for any foliage as I imagine my post apocalypse to be set on a nuclear wintered planet covered in chemical deserts and ash wastes and any plant life has evolved or changed to extract chemicals from the soil or air hence the crazy colours.
Also that means that any objective markers or mission's can be based on capturing green oasis's or lone green plants etc, also the brightly coloured plants should contrast really well against a grey terrain board covered in rusting detritus. I'm debating whether or not to add some 'land coral' like this sort of stuff, mutated giant coral that's moved inland as much of the seas have dried up.

I've already separated and based up a couple of plants on washers, they still need their bases finishing:

Yesterday was also the annual Abingdon Wargames Club show Overlord which I managed to pop into for a flying visit and pick up these guys along with some plasticard and another bag of Dice.

All of the blisters came from the Ainsty stand, I've no idea why I need two Yeti's and some bat faced bare breasted 'harpies' but I'm a sucker for monsters in mini form. I also purchased a couple of packs of  Gorka-Morka Digga's as they'd work perfectly as crew for any post apocalypse vehicles. Lastly I bought a pack of 28mm scale goats... I don't know why, I'll add them to the bag in the lead pile that includes other various 28mm livestock.

Finally to finish here's a picture of Gilbert partaking in the universal cat-joy of sitting in an unattended shopping bag:


  1. Nice work that truck looks awesome, how much was the flora/fauna from pets at home?

    Cats are awesome I have dogs now, but its amazing where cats like to get themselves

    1. Thanks very much. If I'm remembering rightly the blue and pink balls in the middle were on sale for £3.50 for the pair and I should get a ton of individual 'plants' from it.
      The purple large leaved plants and the yellow and blue tall plant were in a 3 for £5 offer. The big spiky purple plant and the yellow one that looks a little bit like cannabis leaves were in a 2 for 3 offer, in total I think I spent about £20 but I should be set for plants for awhile :-) Although I did find this seller on ebay in China that seems to have a ton of really cool looking plants for reasonably cheap.

  2. Yea, that truck is shaping up nicely!