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Friday, 1 March 2013

Yet another project started! Wastelanders Advance!

I've started yet another project, I think I have hobby based ADHD.

This all started after the Ramshackle games kickstarter caught my attention:
This led to an evening pursuing Ramshackle Curtis's awesome terrain and vehicles and eventually led to me backing the £34 rules/vehicles package and also means I will probably be putting through an order when I get paid too. Check out Ramshackles awesome stuff on their website, I love the dirty but colourful apocalypse that Ramshackle games are building and the characterful mini's and vehicles that he puts out.

I thought I'd get an early start on some vehicle construction for the upcoming post apocalypse.
The current vehicle is based on the chassis of a 0.99p shop car and tractor, a ton of plasticard, printer parts and pretty much all of my super glue :-)

So far I've only added the base coat of silver and various browns:

I intend to add some chipped color over the rusty base and add some verdigris and even more weathering to jazz it up and make it less brown and give it some more character

Here's a couple of shots with Mini's so you can get an idea of the size.

The turret on the back is made from plastic card and watch parts and has a magnetic washer on the base so it can be removed. The magnet I used was salvaged from an old pair of headphones and is built into the roof of the truck so hopefully I can build different attachments in the future.

The mini-gun barrel is made up from the ink barrels from some Biro's cut into sections

The Ammo feed is  made from a small piece taken from a circuit board and an old metal watch strap.

One amazing thing that I discovered was that the bearing in an old PC fan with the blades removed was a perfect fit for the underside of the turret so it can be fully rotatable, you can see what I mean in the image below:

Here's a few more shots of the truck:

The heavily rusted sections on the truck like on the bottom of the dozer blade were achieved by mixing bird sand from the pet section of Wilco's with black craft paint at the undercoating stage. 

All the handles were made from really small sections of paperclip bent into the correct shape.

The hatch to the drivers cab is made from a first edition rhino door mounted on a 30mm lipped base.

The exhausts on the back are sections of a £1 set of plastic construction toys that I'm starting to run out of which work perfectly in rusty post apocalyptic situations.

The cab grating is the left over plasticard from all the rivet creation.

I should hopefully get some more colour slapped on the vehicle over the weekend providing I don't start some more projects or get distracted by any bright lights or loud noises.


  1. Far beyond awesome. Your stuff continues to blow me away!

    The Ramshackle stuff will match perfectly with your dirty painting style, too.

  2. Thats an awesome looking vehicle nice work.

  3. Serious behemoth you've got there! So cool!
    I really dig Ramshackle's stuff, especially the vehicles. Can't beat the prices.

  4. You should send this to Curtis at would fit perfectly in the range! Great work.

  5. Thats great work! The turret and mechanical details are amazing =)

  6. Cheers everyone thanks for the feedback I should have another update later today