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Monday, 13 August 2012


I'm well and truly back in the swing of things now and managed to fire together some more terrain in the same vein as the stuff in the last post:.

All really simple to put together but in the end look really good.

I also managed to finish 5 more mini's, the long plan is to have a multitude of warbands covering as many factions/races as possible so for now this is the start of my beastman/were group. They're all from varying ranges and manufacturers but sit well together, here's the group together.
 I'll try and breakdown where they're all from with each image.

First up is a Runequest Broo, awesome solid-base old-schoolness with integral shield and obligatory mohawk. Here's the original promo drawing for the range, he's on the bottom left:

Next up we have a C38 Chaos Beastman, apparently he's labelled as Wolfman even though he looks more catish. I've just noticed that I've messed up on the toenails so I'll be revisiting him soon.

Next up is a Fiend Factory werewolf, more from the range here:
 Lastly are two what I think are Grenadier mini's

Finally here are some group shots as I think they look awesome:

On a separate note if you haven't checked out the Reaper kickstarter go and have a look as it's looking pretty awesome at the moment, I haven't added my support but I strongly suspect I will before the last 12 days are up.


  1. Both scenery and minis are fantastic. Can't wait for more updates.

  2. Is there a particular trick to how you do your moss covered ruins - they look great.

    Nice little pack of Beastmen there - the mix of minis works really well.

    1. I create the moss in layers, using different flocks some home made leaf litter mix and scraps from a door mat. I'll put together a quick tutorial and materials list if I have time tonight.

  3. yea, I would like to know the technique you use for the moss. I tend to buy the very fine green flock and use that...wash it slightly to tint it in various ways..

    1. No worries, check back later in the week and I should hopefully have a tutorial up showing how to create a small mossy pillar

  4. Great looks terrain and figures. Aren't photos a pain. I always end up noticed mistakes on miniatures after I've posted!