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Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Finished a few old Citadel Minotaurs to add to the beastman group, they're all part of this set:
I've had these four guys for years and would love to have the full-set but at the moment they all seem to go for silly money on ebay. I've got a couple of the Minotaur lords somewhere that I need to add to the group but I'm done with painting minotaurs for the time being.

The next one up is a Blood Bowl minotaur that fits in with the rest of them quite well as I imagine that minotaurs don't need much in the way of weaponry.

Next up is a Grenadier Demon (Hadeus Lord of Herds)

And here's the guys all together

Also just finished a member of the Dwarf Kings court (
As you can probably tell he's painted up to resemble a certain Rodent wizard, I'm really happy with the free hand on his hat.

This week I finally caved and put in for the Reaper Bones Kickstarter, they're up to over a million now with four days to go and they keep adding amazing rewards, honestly check out what you get for the $100 pledge, honestly look at it:
How good is all that, if you haven't already dropped your pennies go do it as it means that I'll get more stuff for my cash :)


  1. Great minotaurs, it's hard to express how much I need that first one now.

    Oh and I was trying to ignore those bones...$100 thats like only £50 right?

    1. Thanks very much, yeah they seem to be as rare as hen's teeth now.

      At current rates $100 is about £63, all in for the Vampire Pledge with postage ($25) it comes to around £80 with it working out at less than 50p a model which is a fantastic deal.

  2. Great minotaurs, I love that Grenadier Demon.

  3. Fantastic looking minotaurs. Good old classic minis!

  4. That's one the meanest looking warbands I've seen for some time. Excellent work!

  5. Those minotaurs are just about perfect and yeah, that's a mean gang. I like the rich hues. Got a few of these myself and one of them I scored for a good price at con fleamarket a few months back. I keep my slotta-era citadel apart from my 25mm D&D and I'm neck-deep in the latter but seeing projects like these makes me want to get back at the citadel stuff.

    I've been following along the Reaper ks with amazement but honestly I have one of them and the material is way soft, not something suitable for anything smaller than an ogre or something compact like the vermin or altar. And I'm speaking as someone who is not above using the odd D&D prepaint figure. The reaper are as soft as the softest of the D&D ones and much softer than most. A limp sword or spear is not a bargain at any price imo. ;) Still, awesome to see what the market can bare when people smell a bargain!