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Thursday, 6 June 2013

All Your Base are Belong to Us

Howdy everyone, sorry for the slow amount of updates recently but I've not really had much in the way of updates to show off. I recently sort of completed my attempt to undercoat and base everything I own ready for paint slappage but ran out of space about three quarters of the way through so there are still a fair few mini's languishing in drawers.


Hopefully now I can pick up anyone of a ton of mini's and just crack on with painting something, which is what I did:

From left to right:
Citadel C34 Fire Elemental, Dreamblade Gutsoup Golem, Dreamblade Hulking Brute, Grenadier Copplestone Barbarian, Grenadier Ghost and finally dungeons and Dragons plastic mini with a little conversion work.

I love these Citadel elemental's that were released in the early eighties and would love to own the whole set but sadly I'm not the only one and they always seem to go for a little outside my price range on the old ebay, I only managed to get hold of this one as it was included in a bulk lot and didn't even appear in the ebay picture.

Next up we have the Gutsoup Golem from Dreamblade, really simple paint job that was mostly achieved with washes, glazes and thinned down paint finished off with a healthy dose of tamiya red and clear for that wet look. If you're in need of some crazy monsters check out the Dreamblade range as they always seem to pop up on ebay for cheap and paint up really well.


Another Dreamblade figure this time a Hulking Brute, I'm not to sure on this guy I think he needs some kind of tattoos or scarification to break up all the flesh.


Grenadier Copplestone Barbarian, really simple paint job and a ton of Tamiya clear red. You can still get this guy from EM4:


I think this guy is a dungeon and dragons pre pained mini, He originally had a small hook like weapon that due to the bendy nature of the plastic that these figures are made of was completely ruined. I removed the hook and drilled through the hand and added the cocktail stick and wire club.


Grenadier Ghost, insanely quick paint job I just fired some watered down blue over the grey base coat added some fluorescent yellow to the face and left it at that.


  1. You have no chance to survive, make your time. HAHAHA!

    Nice minis, great post.

    1. You Have Accomplished the mission, you are the very prevailer that protect right and justice, I would express my sincere thanks to you. Take good rest!

  2. Sounds like a fun way of doing it... pick the model that takes your fancy and get on with it! Just the way I like to paint (which is why armies never get finished!) Splendid collection!

    1. It's the only way I can paint, I have a very short attention span when it comes to painting so I'm always painting about four different mini's at the same time. I've given up on armies I can just about stretch to small warbands.
      Cool blog by the way, I've just jumped on-board as a follower :-)

    2. Thanks! I just noticed your cat... looks cheekily like he's about to leap all over the lovely neat display units!

  3. Very cool! Tell us more about that storage area for your minis...I really like it and looks very inexpensive! I have been looking for something like that!

    1. Thanks very much, the shelves on the wall are these trays:

      I got mine from Hobbycraft in the UK when they were on a buy one get one free special offer so they worked out relatively cheap. You can comfortably fit 5-6 mini's on 30mm bases in each section so you can jam a fair few mini's on each 'tray'

      I've also got one of these:
      with a couple of these for finished mini's:

      I haven't got round to lighting it though so it is a little on the dark side.

  4. Excellent system you've made here and excellent minis too.

    I'm a little concerned about the critter/chaos familiar lurking at the top left corner of the first photo. Its laser eyes seem to be aiming at the best spot on the table to do maximum damage on your painting table. Beware of these agents of doom, two of them in my house have already caused tremendous damage to both my minis and nerves... (should make a post about ravages of children and cats)

  5. I love that Gutsoup Golem! Super creepy in the best possible way. (Also I'm not so sure that one is a D&D mini. I could be wrong but I don't recognize it.)

  6. Thats an impressive amount of undercoated stuff you have there, glad it works for you, perhaps I should adopt the same "scattergun" apporach to my lead pile trouble is I want to paint up my armies and that takes time (Soooooo much time) and as it seems that my rpg days are behind me (for want of time and more importantly players)I guess I'll have to struggle through.

    I like the spread of minis you have in this post, The dnd prepaint looks ace and I would never have known he was armed with a coctail stick if you hadnt said!
    The gost is great too, I have one of those somewhere and I didnt realise it was grenadier!

    Keep on posting


  7. Games Workshop still sell the set of 4 elementals. They are listed under the collectors listing and go for about £21 for the set.

  8. Hi there... Great to see them all based. I have been slowly assembling all my own minis, it does not give for great blog pics but it does mean you can grab anything at a whim to paint;)
    The base 4 elementals are still available from GW for £21.50.. go to the warhammer collectors section and then miscellaneous and scroll to near the bottom.
    They don't have the life, death or plague elementals though from the same series.