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Friday, 14 June 2013

New paint jobs and a blog shout out

Hi everyone, I've managed to slap a little paint on some figures this week, and made a little progress on the Mega mini's goblins that I purchased a while back after I heard they were closing down their shop. I would link to them but it looks like Mega mini's has taken them down and sold the molds onto Midlam miniatures: so hopefully they should appear for sale very soon.


Here they all are based up and their flesh base coated along with a Mega mini's Wretch that looks like is still available from Mega miniatures.

So far I've only finished one of the group, mainly as a tester for the rest of the group:



I've tried to go for a more 'earthy' yellowy green on the flesh hopefully to distinguish them from the orcs that I  painted many moons ago. The 'string' on the bow is a tiny piece of wire that drove me insane trying to wind around the bow. The red nose on the ears, nose, knees and elbows is just a mix of watered down pink paint and red glaze.

That's it on the painted front for now, I'll end this update with a shout out to my newest follower Don Hans and his amazing Realm of Citadel blog (

Check out his amazing old school mini's and his equally amazing paint jobs very 'Blanche-esque', and the bases are something I might try and steal for my chaos mini's, look at them, how amazing is the zebra Minotaur! GO now and have a look at his other awesome mini's GO and don't come back until your peepers are fat with beautiful eye-candy!

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  1. Hi Headnhalf - thank you very much for your praise. Sitting here reading your post with a big smile on my face. Again - Thanks! See you in the blogosphere /Hans